Pressure Group Says Networks Should Auto-Unlock Phones When Contracts End

By Gary Cutlack on at

If the UK's mobile networks want to make us love them as much as we love their dumb adverts, they should sell their PAYG phones unlocked -- and let us unlock contract phones for free when deals come to an end.

The two-pronged idea comes from Which?, which has carried out a poll into our relationship with the networks that enable our smartphones. The results show we don't trust them a whole lot, with only 40 per cent of the people asked saying they think their network would generously switch them to the best deal when their current contract ends.

The idea is that the act of telling customers when their contracts are up would encourage people to look for a better or cheaper bundle, with Which? suggesting the networks should go further, saying they should: "Provide customers with their contract expiry date, one month’s notice before their contract ends, and details of all the available deals to best match their needs." [Which? via Guardian]