Reddit Censored by Virgin Media's Underground Wi-Fi Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those hoping to browse the endless cascade of fun, misery, news and -- whoops, my finger slipped -- pornography via Reddit on the London Underground are currently unable to do so, with the site said to be completely blocked by service provider Virgin Media.

The discovery was publicised today by man-on-Twitter Andrew Livingston, who managed to get Virgin to admit to the block and explain its reasoning with the line: "...certain content is censored in line with the age restrictions to keep the younger population safe when using public internet access points."

Meaning because there's rude stuff on there no one's allowed to have it, as some dads let their children use their phones and bad things might happen involving some of the seedier subreddits.

And the block has already been discussed on Reddit itself today, with readers believing the blanket ban was put in place some time in the last few days. [Twitter]