Report: Samsung is Still Working on a Smartwatch That is Also a Phone

By Eric Limer on at

In the lead up to the announcement of Samsung's Galaxy Gear, there were rumors aplenty that this would be the device that would satiate the strangest of nerd world's appetites: a watch that is a phone. The Galaxy Gear was not that at all, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is not done quite yet.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the SIM-toting watch Samsung is currently planning would be able to do all your standard phone-type things from emails to calls, and also include a heart monitor. Like its non-Galaxy "Gear" brothers, this new device would also run Samsung's own Tizen operating system, effectively making it the first (and weirdest) Tizen phone officially available in the West.

The real question is does anybody actually want a watch that is actually a phone? There are certainly folks out there who seem to clamour for it, but Samsung's own marketing goes to show how uncool a smartwatch can be even when it is not also a phone. For now though it's just a rumour, so you can only imagine how absurdly Dick Tracy the whole thing would be. That is, if you have the stomach for it. [Wall Street Journal]