Richard III Did Have a Bent Spine, But Nothing a Nice Jumper Couldn't Hide

By Gary Cutlack on at

Car park king Richard III has had his spine scanned, 3D printed and analysed, with the findings suggesting that the king had only a slightly curvature of his spine that could've been masked by clothing. So he perhaps wasn't the grotesque character he's portrayed as by unkind history.

The University of Leicester's study claims he had a scoliosis of the spine, with his back bones curving to the right and also twisting into a slight spiral shape.

Osteoarchaelogist (!) Dr Jo Appleby from the University of Leicester said: "The condition would have meant that his trunk was short in comparison to the length of his limbs, and his right shoulder would have been slightly higher than the left, but this could have been disguised by custom-made armour and by having a good tailor." [The Lancet via BBC]