Right-Hand Drive Tesla Electric Cars to Tear Up British Roads From June

By Gerald Lynch on at

We may now have a Tesla showroom on our shores, but so far it's only been filled with left-hand drive vehicles designed for US roads. Come June however it'll be kitted out with right-hand drive Model S electric cars -- and there will be improved charging infrastructure along motorways to support them too.

Elon Musk's company will be selling the Brit-orientated Model S from June 7th, priced at £70,000. With it will come an expanded "Supercharger" network for the vehicles, much like the ones seen across the US and China. Free charging stations will be placed along some of the UK's busiest routes, up the M25 and along the length of the M1. With a 20 minute charge providing 130 miles worth of power, these charging stations should in theory allow drivers to tour the length of the country with just one stop-off.

Perhaps the added luxury of the Tesla brand will spur on electric car sales in the UK -- the first quarter of 2014 saw only 1,500 electric cars registered here. [Telegraph]