Rumour: A Circular-Faced Apple iWatch Will Go Into Production in July

By Gerald Lynch on at

The supply-chain-to-analyst game of Chinese whispers that surrounds every Apple device has kicked into gear for the iWatch. And, for all of it's internal tech, the iWatch should look like a pretty standard wristwatch on the outside, if the latest rumours are to be believed.

Analyst Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities has allegedly been speaking with production sources in Taiwan. According to those contacts, Apple's iWatch is said to look not unlike Motorola's Moto 360 Android Wear watch. Like the Android device, Apple's timepiece is said to have a circular screen, but with a "slimmer profile" than its Android-based competitor. Multiple models or the iWatch are also being touted (guys and gals editions are being suggested) with production to kick into gear in July. That'd likely have the watch ready in time for an Autumn launch and, given the speculation that the iPhone 6 is set land on September 19th, the iWatch could be Tim Cook's "one more thing" to go along with the smartphone. [Business Insider]