Rumour: An Affordable iMac With iPhone Processor Will be Revealed at WWDC

By Gerald Lynch on at

A refreshed iMac line-up is being touted for next week's WWDC conference. But, for once, the all-in-one computer won't be aimed at big spenders, with rumours now circulating that the company is preparing to launch an affordable entry-level model too.

The reasoning behind the alleged low-priced iMac is said to mirror Apple's plans with the iPhone 5C -- to court a Chinese market that prizes value. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (whose Apple rumour track record is pretty reliable) hinted earlier this year that a lower priced machine was in the works, and French site Macbidouille now claims to know how Apple is going to keep the costs down. It believes that Apple will be ditching Intel processors in the entry-tier edition in favour of a multi-core iPhone A7 processor.

Without having to cough up cash to a third-party processor manufacturer Apple's costs would conceivably be lower. The A7 has never been seen outside of a tablet or smartphone before, but it's very capable -- a well-clocked, well ventilated A7 could likely offer enough power for a reasonable entry-level computing experience. Take this with a pinch of salt for the time being, but with Apple increasingly chasing the penny-pinched consumer, you can bet it's at least something it has considered. [MacRumors, MacBidouille, Mysinchew]