Rumour: Apple Has a Crazy Folding iPhone / iPad Mini Hybrid in the Works

By Gerald Lynch on at

A touchscreen MacBook Air with A8 processor. A 4K iTV with gesture and voice control. A 5.5-inch OLED iPhone with a 2K display. A 4-inch, folding iPhone that transforms into an iPad Mini. Are these the ramblings of an Apple analyst gone mad, or is this the "best product pipeline in 25 years" that Apple's Eddy Cue has been speaking of?

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claims that these are all prototype devices in the works at Apple, according to supply chain sources. It's an insane line-up if true, but there are more than a few reasons to be skeptical here.

Though a respected Apple analyst (and one of the earliest to suggest that a larger iPhone was in development) Misek has missed the mark on a number of occasions. His iOS / OS X merger never come to fruition, nor his suggestion of an Apple-owned Netflix TV streaming competitor. And despite this latest push to validate the whispers, his constant Apple TV predictions have failed to materialise. Also, it's unlikely that Apple would let the plans for such wild ideas out to notoriously-leaky supply chain sources -- these are the sort of ideas that wouldn't leave Apple's testing labs unless under armed guard.

What's more likely then is that these are red herrings, left by Apple's secret service to lead the competition off the scent of its true intentions. Not that we can't dream they were real of course -- an iPhone that thinks it's Optimus Prime re-incarnated as a tablet sounds pretty neat. [MacRumors]