Rumour: Samsung Might be Sneaking a Rugged Version of the Galaxy S5 to Market

By Tom Pritchard on at

People may have had some reservations about the recently released Galaxy S5, and while the rumour mill has been churning out information on a possible high-end version called the S5 Prime, something else has cropped up: the possibility of a Galaxy S5 Active.

Word is that Samsung is planning to repeat the release tactics of the Galaxy S4 by putting out a more rugged version of the S5.

Eagle eyed people noticed the the US FCC (a regulatory body) recently inspected a phone with the model number SM-G870A, which people are assuming is the S5 Active. Said phone was reported to be 143mm x 73.4mm in size, not too much of a change from the S5's 142 x 72.5mm measurements. European retailers also started posting place-holders for a SM-G850F, thought to be the international version of the device.

It's worth pointing out that there is absolutely no solid proof that this phone actually exists, and since we've not seen any leaks (makes a change eh?) all these rumours will remain rumours until further notice. All we know for certain is that Samsung has an event called "Voice of the Body" scheduled for 28th May. It would make sense to announce the S5 Active here, if it exists. [TechRadar]