Rumour: Windows 9 Preview Release Set for "2015 Q2-Q3"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft thought it had landed on a brave new world for computing with the launch of Windows 8, but a lukewarm response to its future-gazing features has forced the company to backtrack in many respects. Windows 9 is perhaps the most important release for Microsoft since Windows 7 saved us from Vista then, and could be with us as early as April of next year.

Following up from a previous leak by Chinese Windows leaker FaiKee, Myce has got its hands on leaked documents that appear to reveal the release schedule for Microsoft's upcoming Windows products. The document lists the Preview Release of Windows 9 as "2015 Q2-Q3". Features listed under the "Update Items" heading (suggesting these are points getting major changes or additions) are the Metro UI, Windows Defender, OneDrive and Windows Activation services. Perhaps most interesting of all though is the mention of Microsoft's voice-activated assistant Cortana, suggesting it will be integrated into the operating system. [Myce]