Scientists Increase Current-Gen Teleportation Range to Three Metres

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dutch physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience claim they've managed to demonstrate the "unconditional teleportation of arbitrary quantum states" in the lab, somehow beaming the spin state of an electron across a room.

The baffling test involved the "photon-mediated heralded entanglement" that somehow let them "encode the source qubit in a single nuclear spin" and therefore possibly prove the concept of quantum entanglement that would disprove Einstein's... yeah, we're a bit out of our depth here, like Kim Kardashian dodging bullets about EU immigration policy on Question Time.

The key bit of the paper in Science that we sort of do understand is the sentence "quantum communication and network-based quantum computing," which suggests an exciting future in which data is teleported instantly to our next-gen routers, making the internet go a bit better.

It used to be war that drove mankind's technological development, now it's demand for quicker HD YouTube downloads. [Science via NYT]