Sennheiser Joins Project Ara and the Phonebloks Modular Mobile Dream

By Gary Cutlack on at

Posh headphone maker Sennheiser has joined the Lego phone consortium, revealing that it'll be helping out with the audio side of the Phonebloks project. So high-end Sennheiser-branded audio bits are likely to make it into Google's Project Ara DIY phone system.

Dave Hakkens, the man behind the original Phonebloks concept said: "Sennheiser has the necessary technical excellence and also shares a corporate philosophy that places equal emphasis on sustainability. Its products are distinguished by first-class quality, durability and they also provide options for replacing individual components. This sustainability ethos is an essential part of our company vision."

Meaning your future DIY phone creation can have "better sound" or something like that if you pay more for it, should this sci-fi modular phone concept ever actually hit the market. [Sennheiser via Cnet]