Sky Go and Now TV Will Provide PS4 Owners With Their Game of Thrones Fix From This Summer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Following hot on the heels of the PlayStation 4's first significant software update, Sky has today revealed that its two online streaming platforms, Now TV and Sky Go, will be hitting Sony's console.

Now TV will be the first to hit the PS4 console at some point this summer, followed by Sky Go later on this year. For those without a Sky subscription, Now TV offers a rolling monthly fee to access Sky TV programming, with the option to rent premium releases and sports packages for add-on fees. Sky Go support, while less useful for one-TV households, will be good for those looking to stream programming from a standard Sky TV subscription to a second room through the console, without having to pay out for a pricey second Sky box. No word yet on Remote Play support with the Vita, but being able to watch Game of Thrones from under the bed covers would be a welcome feature for hairy-palmed fans of the salacious show.

Sky has also reaffirmed that Now TV will still come to Microsoft's Xbox One console by the summer, as previously stated, and stated that it will be looking into "any future opportunities" for Sky Go support for the latest Xbox too. [Sky]