Some Ne'er-do-Wells Managed to Hack Into Nick Griffin's Twitter Account

By Tom Pritchard on at

The controversial British National Party reared its head again last night, but not for reasons you might expect. It turns out Nick Griffin's Twitter account was hacked by those rapscallions known only as Anonymous.

Well they claim to be from Anonymous, but we can't exactly sure because of the whole anonymity thing. All we do know is that @Anon_0x03, who was behind the hack, claims to not be from Britain and has very little knowledge of what the BNP actually are. Sounds like it was more of a random act of trolling than a serious political attack.

Some of the offending messages included tweeting David Cameron asking where to buy weed, complaining about Illuminati and the new world order, and oinking. Your typical everyday trolling then.

The tweets, somewhat surprisingly, have yet to be deleted, so you still have the chance to have a look at the damage for yourself. [The Telegraph]