Take Your Dusty Old iPad Into an Apple Store and Get Credit Towards a Shiny New One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's extended its UK Reuse and Recycle program beyond its iPhone line to now include its iPad tablets too.

Head down to an Apple retail store with an iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad Mini in hand, and you can swap it for credit towards a newer Apple device. However, it's not looking to do swapsies with original iPads, or the newer iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina display tablets.

Apple will assess each device's value individually and base its trade-in price on the gadget's condition and age. While it's a fast-track to a brand-spanking new bit of Apple kit then, you may still be better served popping your old gear on eBay -- at least that way you can spend the cash made anywhere you like, too. [Apple]