Tesco is Axing its Checkout Sweetie Selection

By Gerald Lynch on at

Your checkout chomping choices are to be chopped. Tesco has announced that it will be removing sweets and chocolates from the checkout areas of all of its stores, following two thirds of its customers telling the supermarket chain it would help them to lead a healthy-eating life, free of Mars-bar shaped temptation.

It's part of a larger move by Tesco to increase the healthiness of its stock. Tesco will also be making its sandwiches, ready meals and soft drinks less of a strain on your cholesterol levels, tweaking recipes so that the sugar, salt and fat content is reduced.

While Lidl may have grabbed the headlines earlier this year by announcing it would be replacing all of its checkout sweets with healthier alternatives, Tesco actually made the first steps towards today's announcements 20 years ago. Back in 1994, it removed sweets and chocolates from the checkout area of 740 of its larger stores. Today's move sees the supermarket chain accelerate plans to remove the sweets from the checkouts of all its stores, including its 1,800 Metro and Express stores, which had originally been set to be completed by December of this year. [Guardian]