That Rumoured iPad Pro Might be Real After All

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tablet leaks are pretty much a given in today's world, and Chinese site Weibo is one of the more common places for them to pop up. As WWDC 2014 approaches and the rumour mill goes into overdrive as to what Apple may reveal at its annual event, this latest leak shows a dummy model of the previously rumoured iPad Pro.

We can't determine whether any of the rumoured features of the iPad Pro, like 4K resolution, are true because y'know until Apple reveal it, we can't be sure it's the real thing. If it is legit it does show us the shape of the device, and it's massive. Meaning the rumours that it will have either an 11-or 13-inch screen might prove to be true.

Honestly though, do you really need a larger iPad? It might be useful for the rumoured split screen apps in iOS 8, but the thing is big enough as it is. If it gets much bigger you probably won't be able to hold it up. [TechRadar]

iPad Pro dummy