The Barbecue Bible is a Transforming Recipe Book / Cookery Toolkit Mash-Up

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've got the meat, you've got the guests, but you're a handful of cooking utensils short of a barbecue. Enter The Barbecue Bible -- looking like a Necronomicon for hapless chefs, it's kitted out with all you'll ever need for a burger 'n' sausage fest.

It's not merely filled with tasty barbecue recipes; the book's cover acts as a chopping board, there's a page that folds out and turns into an apron, another page that's made of salt and another that's a sheet of coal, ready to be cracked over your fire. There's even fire starters and a knife sharpener hidden away in there.

Sadly, The Barbecue Bible doesn't look likely to be sold beyond the borders of Brazil, being the product of a partnership between cookware makers Tramontina and JWT Brazil, and set for a limited distribution of just 50 (followed by a simplified version numbering 2,000 copies). Still, given how often a British barbecue turns into a washout, maybe that's for the best. [Creativity Online]