The Best Fake Movies from Netflix's Summary Screw-Ups

By Eric Limer on at

In what might just be the best bug of all time, Netflix accidentally started mashing up one-sentence summaries from different movies and TV shows. What follows is a list of the most amazing movies you'll never get to see.

The journey seems to have started on May 17th, when the Twitter account @SummaryBug hummed to life, spitting out pictures of weird, nonsensical, and incredible summaries that were appearing on "a Netflix app." The results are so hilarious it almost seems too good to be true, but Netflix confirmed to Slate that, yes, this is a real bug.

According to the Netflix Twitter, the bug has been squashed, which means no new movie mash-ups going forward. Fortunately, however, SummaryBug put together quite the archive. These are but a few of our favourites.

Did we miss any gems? Spot your own in the wild? Throw 'em below, and we can all pine for an alternate reality where these movies exist.

[SummaryBug via Slate]