The M25 Could Become a 16-Lane Super-Motorway to Accommodate Third Heathrow Runway

By Gerald Lynch on at

Would you support a third runway being built at Heathrow if it meant an extension to the M25 motorway that would see it stretch to 16 lanes wide? Because that's the plan being put forward by Heathrow bosses.

A 2.5-mile stretch near junctions 14-15 would be up for extension to 16-lanes (including hard shoulders), with construction set to last four years, opening in 2021 if approved. This would be ahead of a planned 2025 opening of the third runway at Heathrow airport. Construction would also require a 600-metre tunnel be built beneath the M25.

The plan was revealed following consultation with 140,000 local residents and business owners. It also includes a proposal that would see a congestion charge being faced by those that drive to drop off travellers at the airport, once local public transport routes have been improved.

As part of the final submission process for the proposed third runway, the Government's aviation commission will now move to make a final decision over the plans. [Standard]