The Man Who Buried the E.T Atari Game Cartridges Doesn't Get What All the Fuss is About

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's a story that had passed into legend among gamer's before only recently being proven true. But for the man responsible for burying Atari's failed E.T game cartridges, it was just a job.

James Heller was given the task of disposing of 750,000 copies of the game by his bosses at Atari. But, rather than the clandestine affair that has been recounted in the urban-myth retelling of events, Heller's memories of the time are far more prosaic. It was simply a matter of emptying the company's El Paso warehouse as quickly and efficiently as possible, he revealed in a recent interview with KBOI. Rather than some massive conspiracy to hide the truth, the burial was carried out so openly that local kids knew about it and were travelling out to the site to recover the games -- leading Atari to go back and cover the gaming graveyard in concrete.

"[There's] no mystery whatsoever," says Heller. "People made it a mystery".[KBOI, Game Politics via Kotaku UK]