The National Archive Will Store David Cameron's Tweets for all Eternity

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's more to Twitter than just meme retweets and trolling. Not much more, granted, but as official communications increasingly move online, Twitter is quick becoming an important place to find the latest official news and statements from governmental departments. The National Archive recognises that, and will be archiving such tweets, alongside government YouTube videos for future generations to browse through.

The new online social media archive already contains 65,000 tweets and 7,000 YouTube videos, dating back as far as 2006 (2008 for the tweets) up to September of last year. While YouTube content going forward will likely be archived on an annual basis, the National Archive has the means to capture as many as 3,200 tweets at once -- perfect for building a comprehensive picture of a major breaking news event. Each tweet will retain its date and time of publication data, making it a valuable resource for future historians.

Visit the archive here -- events such as Andy Murray's Wimbledon win and the birth of Prince George are already well documented, with links to the original tweets and YouTube pages provided where possible. [Telegraph]