The New, Responsive Giz UK is Here (and is That a Comment Edit Button, Too?)

By Kat Hannaford on at

The time has come to unbox our brand new site -- don't worry, it's not accompanied by a 4:57-long unboxing video of Gary hyperventilating over the bezel. We hope you like what you see.

Save for a few changes which will allow us to pin important content to various spots on the homepage, the main changes you're likely to encounter have to do with commenting, and our mobile site.

We've swapped over to the brilliant Disqus commenting system, which required us to turn comments off for the last couple of days. Don't worry, you can still use your existing username -- all that's required of you is a password update. But you could argue it was about time to do that anyway, right?

Unfortunately it's no longer possible to denote those smart-alec / long-time commenters with starred accounts, but hey! You can upvote comments! And downvote. I'd argue that sorting your comments by "best" rather than in chronological order is a better way of sorting the wheat from the chaff anyway.

You can now embed images and GIFs, and oh-my-goodness-is-that-an-edit-button-too? Sorry, 'edit button' pitchfork-wavers, your fun is over!

In the meantime, do try looking at Giz UK on your smartphone or tablet -- not bad, eh?

If you have any problems with logging in / spot a bug / simply want to gripe about our design, please feel free to email me on kat.hannaford[at]

As ever, you can always speak to us on Twitter and Facebook also.