The OLED Death-Blow? Sony is Axing its OLED Production

By Gerald Lynch on at

Plagued by production yield issues and never falling out of the sort of price range that's usually the reserve of Saudi princes, it's being reported that Sony is about to pull the plug on its OLED TV plans.

With the company's 4K TV sales starting to pick up, and the benefits of 4K LCD technology easier to market (and more affordable) than comparable OLED sets, its an obvious contender for the chop as Sony continues to chase cost-cutting measures. With its TV arm on the cusp of turning its first profit in an age, the marketing and production difficulties associated with OLED are problems Sony just can't afford to weather at the moment. Which is a shame, because OLED sets, especially at 4K resolution, are a thing of beauty. [OLED-Display, Nikkei via Engadget]