The Original Flappy Bird is Coming Back. Please Keep Your Excitement to a Reasonable Level

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of months ago we saw the infuriatingly addictive mobile game Flappy Bird vanish from the app store, supposedly for being too addictive. Well, those of you who still mourn the loss of the game are in luck: According to creator Doug Nguyen Flappy Bird is coming back in August.

To be honest, Flappy Bird never really went away, the App Store was flooded with clones before the game had even been officially taken down. This went one step further with a whole string of parodies, including a merger with the equally infuriating 2048, and versions featuring the likes of Kanye West and Boris Johnson.

Fortunately the resurrected Flappy Bird won't just be the same old game that we saw before. Nguyen is also adding a multiplayer mode to prevent people from getting addicted. No idea how that would work, but alright.

Is anybody excited to see the return of the original game? [Engadget]