The Perfect Desk Could Also be a Regulation Table Tennis Table

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Desks are the focal point of our work and creativity, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun, too. Like the You And Me Table, which offers both a fully-functioning table tennis surface and somewhere to work, too.

Designed by Barcelona's Antoni Pallejá Office, the You And Me Table is a large dining table/conference table/desk—only it has a regulation-sized surface table tennis, with a design and structure optimised for playing table tennis.

Available in white or black, it has discreet markings that run down its centre, and a cool side drawer to house paddles, balls and net. When that stuff is tucked away, there's no sign of its sporting use— a far cry from the green-painted plywood versions you normally see.

Every home office or board room would benefit from one of these things. You can buy one from RS BBarcelona. [RS BBarcelona via Mocoloco]

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