The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

This week saw the announcement of what might end up being the greatest app in existence: Glorious Leader! I, like many, was very disappointed to discover that it would not be released until the tail end of this year. I seriously can't wait. I haven't been this excited for a game since they announced that Halo 4 would see the return of Master Chief. But we must keep out eyes focused on the present, so here are the best apps from the past week or so.


iPhone Apps

Babylon Health: Babylon is a subscription-based health service that aims to revolutionise health care through the wonders of modern technology. The main feature of the app is that you can book virtual consultations with doctors, meaning no more sitting around in a stuffy waiting room for you! The doctor will offer the appropriate treatments, and if necessary can refer you to a specialist, as well as posting your prescriptions to your home. If you do need something that requires you to have to travel (say for an x-ray), it's all done at a time and a place that is as convenient as possible for you. [Free -- subscription required]

Kodak My Moments: Not everyone has the kind of equipment to produce their own high-quality photos at home because it can be bloody expensive, which is why services like Kodak's exist. The app is there to make printing off your smartphone apps via Kodak much easier. There's no need to upload photos to your computer, you can order your prints in the app itself and pick them up at your convenience. [Free]

Forza Football: The Premiership might have just ended, but with the World Cup on its way, the football fans among you might want a way to keep up to date with what's happening without having to check BBC Sport every five minutes. Forza Football (previously known as Live Score Addicts) is there to keep you happy with it's customisable push notifications to let you know what's going on, as well as all including the pre-match information you might need. [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Tapsule: Most social networks and image-sharing services focus on what you as an individual have shared, not so with Tapsule. The app works by letting users set up their own personal groups, and lets members of the group collect photos, videos, and messages as a single unit. A great idea that will let you and your friends easily share your collective memories together. [Free]


iPad Apps

Transformers - Age of Extinction: The game tie-in to Michael Bay's latest attempt to blow up everything in existence. You choose a side and play through weekly missions. There is also behind-the-scenes content, as well as the opportunity to have a glimpse at the upcoming Age of Extinction line of Transformers toys. [Free]

Modio: This is primarily aimed at people who own a 3D printer, but could be fun for people who enjoy designing things on their iPad. Modio is a design app that lets you build, modify, and 3D-print your own models. With plenty of model templates you choose from, and parts that are designed to easily snap together, this is a cool way to take advantage of your 3D printer and make your own toys (whether it's for you, your kids, or to sell). [Free]

The Elements Flashcards: Learning and revising for exams is a massive pain in the arse, and plenty of people take to using flashcards to help them retain the information. The Elements is there for those of you who really need to learn the periodic table. It includes name, group, symbol and atomic number. There's no messing around, it's simplistic and distraction free so you can learn in peace. [Free]

Shadow Puppet: This is one for creating custom videos, using a combination of photos, videos, and your own voice. On top of that you can add text, import GIFs from the web, or add music directly from your iPad. This is the free version, which sadly watermarks the videos -- if you want to get rid of them you'll have to buy the relevant in-app upgrade. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Godzilla Smash3: The tie-in to the recent cinematic release, in the game you take control of the eponymous monster in his quest to destroy cities across the world. It's an interesting mix of action and puzzles which should be enough to keep you entertained, provided you weren't also revelling in the fact that you're playing as the King of Monsters himself. [Free -- with in-app purchases]


Android Apps

Ping Tune: Having just made the cross-platform leap, PingTune is now available on Android. It's an app designed to make sharing music with your friends far easier. Before people start fretting over copyright laws and piracy, it doesn't involve sending music files directly -- instead it allows you to send music from Soundcloud and YouTube. Not only can PingTune be used to send your discoveries to friends, it also functions as a messaging service. [Free]

Dynamics CRM: This one is bit different to the kind of stuff I usually post, primarily because it's aimed at the business market. Dynamics CRM is made by Microsoft and is there to make sure you're still connected to all the data you need so that you can stay productive. Whether it's your important notes, contacts, customer info, accounts, or even leads, you'll stay connected wherever you are. [Free]

Focus out Distractions: Procrastination is fun while it lasts, but sometimes you need to be motivated to work and can't afford to waste time messing around playing stupid games on your phone. Focus out Distractions is there to give you a hand by preventing you from using certain apps for a set period of time. Simply pick which apps you want to block, and set the timer. You can of course unblock them manually, but it will require typing a long piece of text. I mean, who's got time for that? [Free]

Picaword: There are a countless number of ways to share images over the web, but Picaword is a little different. It doesn't pretend to be anything that it's not and offers one function: sharing photos. The difference is that you assign the photo a keyword and then add it to the Picaword database. Not only does this mean you can use the keyword to point your friends towards photos, it also means that other users can see and use them as well. Just remember to give the photographer credit alright? [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Swarm: An offering from the folks over at Foursquare. Instead of proudly announcing to the world where you are all the time, you instead use Swarm to find people nearby who are willing to hang out. Obviously this does require checking in as well, but it actually puts that function to good use. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Spotify: It's about time Spotify had a Windows Phone update, since it's been lagging behind the Android and iOS versions. This one has had a complete redesign, brings the much requested Radio feature to the app, and lets you browse personalised recommendations with Discover. Sadly unlike Android and iOS, which are free, this will require a Spotify Premium account for you to be able to do anything. [Free]

Chadder: One of the things about the internet is that once it's online, it's there forever (though there are some changes to that idea now). Chadder is a messaging app that's a little bit like Snapchat in it's function, but with better security. Security is an integral part of the app, so your messages can't be read by ne'er-do-wells, or even the people who made the app. [Free]

Snap Attack: What if Scrabble had timed rounds? Then you'd probably end up with Snap Attack. The goal is to create create words and earn as many points as possible in two-and-a-half minutes. You'll be playing against players from across the planet in a bid to earn your place at the top of the leaderboard. [Free]

Slowly: An app with a function that is a bit of a novelty, but is till rather cool. Slowly allows you to add a slow-motion effect to sections of video that you record. That's pretty much all there is to it at the moment, but whether you're an amateur film-maker or just fancy messing around it's still pretty cool. [Free]

Kinectimals: You remember Kinectimals as one of those kiddy games that came out on the Xbox 360 when the first Kinect was released, well now there's a mobile version. Fortunately it doesn't need an accessory to work. There are 85 animals to collect in game, and a whole host of mini games to play with them. Whether you like virtual pets, or it's for your kids, it's not a bad game to have. [Free]