The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

The wonderful irony of procrastination is that you can end up getting quite a lot done, it just tends to be things that aren't exactly important. My Sundays are usually set aside for writing up these apps lists. Why the whole day? Because I'm a chronic procrastinator who rewards himself with enormous breaks. Every week I promise myself I'll get it done earlier and every week I end up breaking that promise. Oh well! The important thing is that it still gets done on time.


iPhone Apps

PQ Chat: Privacy is one of the things we're desperately trying to grab hold of in the post-Snowden world. PQChat is a secure instant messaging app that promises to prevent anybody snooping on your conversations. Built with privacy in mind from the ground up, it gives you total confidence that your conversations are staying between you and the recipient. It is, however, your job to ensure the app itself is secure and people can't read through your past conversations when they nick your phone. [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Marco Polo: At some point in your life, you've misplaced your phone and had to search every nook and cranny to find the bastard thing. Ringing works if you have another phone handy and if it's not on silent. But what if it's not? Marco Polo fashions itself after the popular swimming pool game and helps you find your missing phone. The app is always running, and as soon as it hears you shout "MARCO", it will reply with "POLO," leading you directly to it. [£0.69]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Notifyr: If you're at your desk you won't always have your phone on hand, and if you do you might miss the odd notification (hashtag first world problems). Well if you're a Mac user, that is a thing of the past. Notifyr links to your iPhone and shows your notifications on screen. Whether it's a text message, a phone call, or whatever, you'll know about it. You can't actually reply from the Mac, so if it requires your urgent reply you will need to dig your phone out. [£2.99]

Ringo: This is an app designed to give you the ability to make international calls at a low price. We do live in a day and age where calling people via the internet is more than possible, but that is dependant on both parties having the app, and a stable internet connection at both ends. Ringo promises to offer crystal clear audio quality, as well dropping the requirement for both people to have the app. It's as simple as using your phone's native dialler, but without the high costs attached. [Free]

Reverb: We're living in an age where there is so much information available that we don't really know where the find everything that's relevant to us. Reverb is a way around that, providing you with personalised news content. The more you read, the more the app will learn -- meaning you get the content you want easily and quickly. This has been out on the iPad for a while, but the latest version brings it to your iPhone so you can have your own personalised news feed in your pocket. [Free]


iPad Apps

iMaschine: A music creation app that relies on using 16 on-screen pads to create a beat, and a keyboard to create the accompanying melody. You can also use music samples (some are included, or you can import them from iTunes), recordings, and vocals to add to your creation. It's not the most professional software available on the iPad, but it'll be perfect for messing around with. [£2.99 -- with in-app purchases]

Cluster: The thing about sharing with friends and family using social networks like Facebook or G+ is that their privacy settings are not clear, nor are they simple to implement. By using Cluster, you're creating a sharing space that is completely closed -- only approved people have access. So whoever you are, and whoever you're sharing with, it's ideal to make sure what you're sharing is only being seen by people you know, and who care about what you're posting. [Free]

FishBrain: How many of you are into angling? How many of you would like to be but don't know anybody else who's interested? Well FishBrain is the app for you all. In a nutshell it's a social network for anglers. But it has a much better purpose that letting you follow other fishing enthusiast -- the app has a built in feature that marks the location of the best fishing hotspots nearby. It's also a great way to log your trips for later reference. [Free -- with subscription]

Mountain High: One for you cycling aficionados out there, Mountain High is your guide to 50 of Europe's greatest cycling climbs. With photography, interactive maps and a whole host of statistics, it's perfect for those of you raring to get out and take a cycling holiday. [£4.99]

NoteEx: Calculators are a bit of a pain since each calculation is usually erased whenever you want to do another. NoteEx is different since it combines the functionality of the calculator with that of a notepad. Simply type in the calculation and use the app to work out the answer. The best part is that, being a notepad, the app keeps all your calculations safe until you delete them yourself. Saves having to write it all down right? [Free]


Android Apps

Secret: iOS users don't have a monopoly on Secret any longer, it's now available on Android. Secret is a way of expressing your inner most thoughts completely anonymously -- I don't mean like Snapchat where you have no nefarious corporations peering at your messages, no. The secret will get shared to your friends, and if they like it it will get shared to their friends, and so on. It's a way of speaking openly and honestly without the negative repercussions. A bit like 4chan, but without all the hardcore porn. [Free]

Addappt: Having contact information is pretty damn important, but it's no good if people keep changing it all the time. Addappt is a replacement for your phone's native contact book, and has one big improvement: every time your contacts change their information it'll update in your phone automatically. [Free]

Downcount: Often you might find yourself seriously looking forward to something in the future, whether it's a holiday, or some sort of tech release. The problem is most countdown apps are geared towards something specific and aren't customisable. With Downcount you can create your own customisable counts. Whether it's counting down to something in the future, or counting up from something in the past. [Free]

AllCast: There are plenty of apps that will stream videos and pictures to Chromecast, but not many that stream to other devices as well. AllCast will stream to pretty much every device imaginable: Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more. [Free]

British Airways: This app is designed to make your flying experience easier from start to finish. Book flight in-app, view your flight status (in case of those dreaded delays), and even checking in. It's bringing airline travel into the smartphone age. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Zello: A handy little alternative to texting for those of you who don't have a contract with unlimited minutes. That's fairly standard nowadays, but Zello has something more. Not only can it send text-like messages over the internet, it can also be used for group phone calls, and even functions as a working two-way radio. Best of all, no ads! [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Movie Jax: A film capture/editing app that has recently been updated to work even on devices with low memory (512mb). It's fairly simple stuff, you film, you edit, you add your own text and music. Simple features in a fairly simple app. [Free]

Titanfall Companion: A companion to the popular Xbox/PC game, the Titanfall Companion app is designed to complement your gaming experience with in-game intel, maps, as well as showing off your match statistics. For the Xbox One owners out there, syncing your app with the game will also score you exclusive game content. [Free]

Onefootball Brasil: The World Cup is coming, so some of you Windows Phone users will be wanting to keep up with the day-to-day goings on from Brazil. With in-built videos, live match tracking, news, and even in-app chat, this is an ideal way to make sure you never miss a thing. [Free]

Sticky Notes HD: This is very much like the Windows Phone version of Google Keep. Sticky Notes HD allows you to categorise your notes with a variety of colours, sort them by priority, and add reminders for something important. It also backs up to OneDrive so you never have to worry about losing them again. [Free]