These Fully-Automatic Wolverine Claws are as Badass as the Real Ones

By Jesus Diaz on at

Holy crap, this guy made the best Wolverine claws replicas ever. These 12-inch steel blades are fully automatic: they can deploy or retract with the push of a button. I've seen many tries at making these, but nothing as amazing as this these ones. And for sure, you can use these as real—very—mortal weapons.

The first ever fully automatic wolverine claws that deploy AND retract automatically. These beautiful 12-inch stainless steel claws fire out at the touch of a button and bring me as close as anyone has to feeling like they have adamantium claws. I think these are best on the net so hope you like em.

Yes, yes they are. These are really amazing, dude. Well done. [YouTube]