These Sushi Notepads Will Remind You to Pick Up Dinner

By Jordan Kushins on at

Sushi is a treacherous food to eat at a desk because of the potential splash factor—shirt-front soy sauce is not a good look. The good news: That will never be a problem with these adorable Nigiri notes! The bad news: You can't eat them. :(

These Sushi Notepads Will Remind You To Pick Up Dinner

Each pack comes with four kinds of mini memos—tamago, salmon, tuna, and fatty tuna—and eventually, after working your way through the colourful goodies on top, you'll be left with a stack of plain white sheets. I know that the novelty paper goods thing isn't for everyone, but I do believe that sprucing up the daily grind with fun accessories can be enough for a bitty mood boost to get you through the day. It's $13 (£14) for the quartet, which you can buy here. Kanpai! [Spoon & Tamago]