This 3D Printer is Basically Star Trek's Replicator and Transporter Rolled Into One Machine

By Tom Pritchard on at

3D printing is pretty futuristic technology, and is currently the closest thing we have to the replicators made famous by Star Trek. Well, the Zeus takes 3D printing not one, but two steps further. It's a 3D printer that has a built in 3D scanner which lets you "fax" items elsewhere.

The Zeus has a build area of 8" x 6" x 5.7", can scan objects up to five inches tall, and but best of all, it has a replaceable extruder so you can fix any breakages fairly easily.

The downside is that it does cost $2,499 (£1,486), so it's a lot more expensive than buying a 3D printer and scanner separately. But the fact that they are rolled into one machine, with the ability to "send" objects to other people, is a big deal. Hopefully we'll see these sorts of machines becoming more widespread.

The Zeus is available to pre-order now, and is expected to ship sometime this summer. [TechCrunch]