This £7,700 Tea Brewer Promises to Deliver the Perfect Cuppa

By Gerald Lynch on at

Are you a PG Tips or Tetley tea enthusiast? Then you, sadly, are not worthy of the Bkon Craft Brewer, a tea making machine so advanced that it costs a cool $13,000 (£7,700).

Promising to make you a perfect cup of tea, it uses a vacuum brewing chamber which removes air and creates a negative pressure vacuum around the ingredients. This pressurised state allows gases to be released from the tea ingredients, and as the pressure is released, these gases infuse with water to deliver a richer taste than is possible with a traditional brewing method. As the vacuum allows for a lower boiling point, the ingredients are treated with a little more kindness too, making it less likely that they will burn and leave a foul taste.

You can fill the chamber with any ingredients you like, be they leaves or fresh fruit, and can be loaded up with 200 preset brewing methods and lengths for whichever wild concoctions you deem appropriate. From loading the ingredients up to getting a piping cup, the whole process takes just a minute.

Bkon is a US-based company, and has been rolling out the Craft Brewer to a few select fancy tea-cafes stateside. There's no word yet on UK availability, but surely they'd be missing a trick to miss out one of the world's leading tea-drinking populations here in Blighty, right? Drop Bkon a line on its Contact Us page and maybe you'll see a few of these machines pop up in British greasy spooners before too long. [Bkon Brew via Stuff]