This Band is for Lunatics Who Need a Case for Their Fitness Tracker

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Maybe you were unaware that your fitness tracker needed any accessories, but Griffin just launched a new line of these called Ribbon that are strips of material that cover your gym-friendly arm candy. Like a beer-can sleeve for your Fitbit.

Griffin, at least, owns up to the fact that Ribbon's design was directly informed by the thing you use to put your mane in a ponytail. They pretty much look exactly like hair ties, with a sneaky stretch pocket to conceal your Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, or Sony Smartband.

A case for your Fitbit? Now that doesn't exactly make sense. Then again, neither do iPod socks or crocheted boxes for Kleenex, but all of those exist too. Maybe your wearable gets chilly in the gym. Maybe you're embarrassed about your quest for physical fitness. But now for the bargain basement price of $20 (£12) for a pack of two, your fitness bracelet can have a bracelet of its own. [Griffin]