This Robo-Raptor Will Hunt You Down at 29 MPH

By Eric Limer on at

Google doesn't have the monopoly on all the horrifying-but-awesome robots. Sure, Wild Cat looks pretty ready to track down the last remaining humans, but this velociraptor-inspired robot would win the race for the kill.

Developed by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the Raptor is outfitted with carbon-fibre running blades, and can reach a top speed of 46 kilometres per hour, or 28.5 miles per hour. To aid it in that pursuit and keep it from falling over, it also has a "tail" like a velociraptor would. Though not in any way you might recognise it.

The Raptor's tail takes the form of a spinning counterbalance that juts out from its side, offering the same stability benefits of a hind tail that swings side to side. As a bonus, it can also help knock stuff out of the way.

The Raptor isn't the fastest bot out there but at a mere three kilos, it's got agility on its side. Suffice to say you don't want it running after you; not even Usain Bolt could outrun these bad boys. The rest of us don't stand a chance. [IEEE Spectrum]