Twitter Experiments With Letting You Mute Individual Users

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Twitter appears to be quietly rolling out a long-awaited, extra sneaky feature on its mobile app. Now, users have been reporting a new option that lets you "mute" certain users. In other words, a totally undetectable unfollow.

You can already mute certain users (along with keywords and hashtags) in the Twitter-acquired desktop app, Tweetdeck, but until now, it's been virtually impossible to do the same with mobile or browser version of Twitter. While blocking is always an option, you can't unblock someone without having to refollow them—thus alerting them to the fact that you blocked/unfollowed them in the first place

This way, though, if someone is going on a brief emotional rampage, you can quietly turn them off, wait until they've tired themselves out, and then turn them back on without the offending tweeter being any the wiser.

We've reached out to Twitter for comment on whether or not this feature really will be rolling out to all its users and will update as soon as we hear back. [@missambear]

Update 4:29pm: Twitter is not currently commenting on what appears to be the little "mute" experiment, but as always, with the many experiments they run, who knows if we'll ever see this turn into a user-wide rollout.