UK Water Supplies are Laced With Coke (and Not the Fizzy-Pop Kind)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Are you a teetotal, straight-edge water drinker? Then you'll be wanting to avoid slurping up water straight from the tap -- a new investigation into the purity of UK water supplies has found them to be contaminated with trace elements of a number of drugs, including notable levels of cocaine.

Rather than finding traces of cocaine in the same form you'd find in a dealer's bag or on top of a club toilet's cistern, the Drinking Water Inspectorate found that water supplies contained benzoylecgonine. That's the compound left over that goes into the toilet after your body has "processed" the drug. That the compound can be identified at all following intense purification treatments suggests that the UK population is snorting the white stuff up in considerable quantities.

Alongside the cocaine traces, caffeine, ibuprofen and epilepsy drug carbamazepine were also found in water supplies. But before you all start heading to the kitchen sink, pint glasses in hand in an effort to get high on the cheap, experts have stated that the traces found are at least a thousand times lower than an average "dose" of each substance. As such, they're confident that there's no health risk related to the contamination levels of the water. [Independent, Sunday Times]