UK's Energy Resources Could be Gone Inside Five Years

By Gary Cutlack on at

A worrying report by theĀ Global Sustainability Institute suggests the UK only has enough of its own oil, gas and coal to keep the lights on and our bedrooms too hot for five years, suggesting we'll be going cap in hand to the Russians and Norwegians to help meet our future energy needs.

It's not a cue to start panic-buying candles and panic-charging external batteries, though, as the report oddly only counts the actual resources inside the country -- ignoring the fact that we already import stacks of energy and resources from overseas. It's a worse-case scenario. If Putin goes bonkers and invades Europe and cuts all the pipes, then we start the natural resource death-clock and begin fracking everyone's gardens.

TheĀ Global Sustainability Institute suggests the answer to a more stable energy pipeline is a Europe-wide push into modern alternatives, whether that's the increasingly unpopular wind option or the seemingly more reliable emerging methods of capturing energy from the ocean. [GSI via BBC]

Image credit: Power station from Shutterstock