We Could Have Been Calling the Ghoststoppers or Ghostblasters as This Ghostbusters Outtake Shows

By Gerald Lynch on at

Got a spectre, ghoul or other disembodied spirit terrorising your home? The Ghoststoppers, sorry, Ghostblasters...I mean Ghostbusters are here to help. But, as this outtake shows, they very nearly could have been called a couple of other things instead.

A rare behind-the-scenes look at the comedy classic, the outtakes come from the movie's advertisement scene, in which the hapless scientists are looking to promote their fledgling supernatural business venture. Interestingly, the cast seem to go through a number of different names for the ghost-busting firm along with the one we're all familiar with -- even as filming had commenced, it seems the movie's title had yet to be secured, requiring a number of back-up takes, just in case.

And hats off to Dan Aykroyd -- they're getting him to say repeat those lines faster and faster each time, and he can still keep up the pace. He sounds like he's practically rapping at some points! [YouTube via Hey You Guys]