What Will Happen When all Paris Traffic Slows to 19 Miles Per Hour?

By Jordan Kushins on at

Sixty per cent vehicles in Paris run on diesel, and the city is struggling to curb emissions—banning half its cars for a day, making public transport and bike shares free for a weekend, and pedestrianising large swathes of the urban grid. Now, a new proposal by Mayor Anne Hidalgo will cap the speed limit at 30 kilometres (about 19 miles) per hour. For the entire city.

World Streets reports that apart from a couple major thoroughfares, once the plan is approved most everyone within the perimeter ring road will have to slooow waaay dooown. Reducing the speed limit is expected to decrease accidents. The standardisation would knock out any confusion over how fast is too fast from street to street, and in some ways it won't be too much of a striking downshift; last year, almost one-third of the city was already in the 30 kilometre per hour zone.

What Will Happen When All Paris Traffic Slows To 19 Miles Per Hour?

Will it reduce emissions? Possibly, but the lower output from lower speeds could be negated by the increased time on the road. Will it make driving through Paris a chilled out, leisurely ride, free from traffic noise and aggressive road ragers? Anything is possible! [World Streets via Archinect]

Image credit: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon