What's Your Favourite Star Wars-Related Memory?

By Alissa Walker on at

With the cast of Episode VII finally revealed, I have to admit, I am getting pretty freaking excited about a new chapter of Star Wars blasting its way into contemporary pop culture. So let's relive your best Star Wars moment from your childhood—or your adulthood!

My memory is more a way of life. As you can see from my byline above, my last name is Walker. I was born in 1977, the year Star Wars came out. My sister was born in 1980, the year of Empire Strikes Back's release (I think you can guess where this is going). So when my parents got pregnant a third time, just as Return of the Jedi was coming to cinemas, they kept joking that if it was a boy they'd name him Luke—as in Luke Sky. We would soon learn they were not joking: I indeed grew up as the big sister to one Luke Sky Walker (to answer your next question: yes, my parents are awesome). This means I pretty much became Princess Leia. That photo of me above is from Halloween, but I assure you I wore that costume year-round. When Episode III came out in 2005, I wrote about my experience growing up Star Wars in this article for the Los Angeles Times: "Jedi knights are just a part of the family."

What about you? Any particular memories of seeing the films in the cinema? Did you convince your parents to let you convert your garage into a garbage compactor? How about that Halloween you dressed up as Bib Fortuna (photos, please!). Share your best memories below.