Whiskas Cat Cartography Maps the Best Petting Spots

By Gerald Lynch on at

Where does your cat head off to when it heads through the cat flap? To the doting neighbour that feeds it scraps? Or the nest-laden branches of the garden tree? Wrong -- it's got its sights set on adventure out at the old "Catfish Swamp" or "Rockery Mountains", according to the latest Whiskas promo.

A really heartwarming campaign from design Agency AMV BBDO, it's made a series of worn and weathered maps in a historical style, re-imagining everyday household objects and garden features as swashbuckling destinations for our feline friends.

The maps are full of lovely details -- drawn from a cat's point of view, the tumble drier is labelled up as the "Earthquake Zone", whilst the cooker's hob is marked as "Sore Paw Crossing". It almost makes me want to dress my mum's cat up with an eyepatch and a toy cutlass, were that not to (rightfully) make me an investigation target for the RSPCA. [Creative Review]