Whiskey Panic-Buy Alert: We're Running Out of Bourbon

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whiskey is on the rocks -- and I don't mean poured over ice. A leading US distiller has warned that bourbon shortages continue to be a problem, a tipple-timebomb for both the industry and spirit-drinking enthusiasts.

Distiller Buffalo Trace released a statement highlighting the issue. A couple of factors are coming together to cause the falling bourbon stocks. Firstly, there's been a shortage in the lumber supply required to make the charred oak barrels that bourbon manufacture relies upon. Secondly, interest in the spirit is on the rise, leading to greater consumption levels of existing stocks. Lastly, the distillation process is a time consuming one, and we're drinking the stuff (especially well-aged variants) at a rate that distillers can't keep pace with.

In the short term, whiskey drinkers shouldn't see much of a change in their favoured drinks. However, should the shortages continue (and, given the issues causing the shortfall, that seems an unavoidable inevitability), prices will rise and distillation periods will shorten, affecting the amount of evaporation of the drink and ultimately its taste too. [Buffalo Trace via Time]

Image Credit: Whiskey in glass from Shutterstock.com