Xbox One's OneGuide TV Features Hit the UK Next Month

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hey, remember back when the Xbox One was meant to be your TV set-top box's best friend? While our chums over the Atlantic have enjoyed the Xbox One's TV guide features since launch, UK users have been left twiddling their Sky remotes. That all changes come June.

As part of Microsoft's June update for the embattled console, the UK will finally be getting the Xbox One's TV guide app, the OneGuide, along with a number of other TV-centric features. With it, you'll be able to control a set-top box connected to the console's HDMI pass-through port by using Kinect voice commands. It's not yet clear which set-top boxes or TVs will be supported by the feature though -- we've heard in the past that YouView boxes, for instance, will not support the OneGuide. The TV features will also roll out to users in France, Canada, Spain, Italy and Germany too.

Alongside the TV features, USB 3.0 external hard drives have been confirmed to be getting support (provided they are over 256GB in size), offering up an alternative place to store games once the Xbox One's internal 500GB hard drive starts filling up. Each console will support up to two drives at once. In a nice touch, you'll be able to take digital games around to a pal's house on an external drive and play them without having to re-download them, provided you use your Xbox Live account to log-in to the friend's machine.

The friends list will also see a number of improvements, with your pals' real names appearing alongside their gamertags, and new options being introduced allowing you to share things with only certain groups. The console will also allow you to assign a profile to automatically sign in upon being turned on too -- a relief for those who have struggled to get the Kinect sensor to recognise them in a timely fashion. [Xbox]