You Don't Need Talent to Make Pancake Art, Just This Printer

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's ok to stop feeling guilty about serving your kids boring old round pancakes after seeing some of the amazing flapjack art popping up online. Some of it is certainly created by hand, but there are also probably a few cheaters out there using devices like the PancakeBot printer.

Admittedly, the results are still very impressive (even more so considering the delicate creations aren't burnt to a crisp) and this is easily one of the best uses of 3D printing technology we've seen thus far.

As with a plastic 3D printer, you're still responsible for creating or importing the source material you want printed. But after that the PancakeBot does the rest—short of drowning the results in Nutella. The printer's not for sale yet, but it looks fairly easy to mass produce so hopefully its creators are working to make it available to everyone. And maybe even eventually a version that works in three-dimensions using waffles. [PancakeBot via Laughing Squid]