10,000 Black Cabs to Block Trafalgar Square in Uber Protest Tomorrow

By Gerald Lynch on at

The row between cabbies and mobile app Uber rages on, with 10,000 of London's black cab drivers preparing a protest which would bring traffic to a standstill in one the capital's busiest regions.

10,000 black cab drivers will descend upon Trafalgar Square at around 2pm tomorrow afternoon, clogging up a major junction in Central London. The protest centres around the way that the Uber car booking app measures and charges for journey distances with its fleet of drivers. It calculates a fare based on distance -- something that the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association believes acts like a taxi meter. Private cars are not allowed to use a meter, and black cab drivers are now arguing that Uber represents unfair competition to their time-honoured profession.

London's transport authorities are looking to speak with the organisers of the event in an effort to prevent the action. It's feared that major disruption along Central London roads could prevent emergency services from reaching those in need in a timely fashion. [Telegraph]