A Terrifying PSA Scares Moviegoers Into Never Texting and Driving Again

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Sometimes experience is the best way to learn, but when it comes to driver safety, it's not like you can have a deadly accident more than once. But you can come close, as Volkswagen demonstrated with this highly effective interactive public-safety announcement that it revealed to unsuspecting moviegoers in Hong Kong.

Instead of movie trailers playing when the lights went down, audience members were perplexed to see first-person footage of someone starting, and then driving down an empty road in a car. Nothing interesting seemed to happen, until behind-the-scenes a location-based broadcasting device sent every smartphone in the theatre a message.

When audience members then looked away to check their devices, the on-screen vehicle was suddenly involved in a deafening crash, leaving everyone startled, but also aware of the dangers of using a mobile device while driving. [YouTube via Autoblog]