A Toiletries Bag Made From a Fire Hose Doesn't Mind Getting Wet

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You can try as hard as you want, but the laws of the universe dictate that anything crossing the threshold of a bathroom is going to eventually get wet – that includes the toiletries bag you travel with. But even joining you in the shower won't bother this one, because it's made from a recycled fire hose.

Save for some crazy hydrophobic chemical brew cooked up in a laboratory, what better material could there be for a product designed to be so close to so many sources of water? The seams, which are the weak point of this waterproof armour, have even been triple-stitched on this $39 (£23 excl. shipping to UK) travel kit to help keep water from soaking what's inside. Keep in mind it's not completely impervious to H2O, but it will easily shrug off all the splashes you send its way. [The Awesomer Shop]