After all That, Samsung Might be Making More Android Smartwatches

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung's Galaxy Gear line of smartwatches might have ditched Android in favour of Tizen, but that doesn't mean the company is done with Android based wearables just yet. Apparently, Samsung is announcing its first line of Android Wear-based devices at Google I/O next week.

CNET is reporting that at least one of the devices will utilise Samsung's own chips, while another will use hardware built by Qualcomm. It's currently unclear which model will appear at I/O.

It seems a bit odd that Samsung would ditch Android so publicly, only to come running back a few months later. Whatever is happening, the company has declined to comment on the speculation, meaning we'll just have to wait until next week to see what's in store for us at I/O. [CNET]