BAE Reveals "IntelliCabin" Wireless/Tablet/LED/Roomier Flight System

By Gary Cutlack on at

BAE Systems has taken a break from doing submarines and warships to think about ways it can keep spoilt modern consumers amused on commercial air flights. The answer, it thinks, is IntelliCabin, a system that integrates passenger controls into a touchscreen tablet interface for fliers and staff.

The system delivers power to each seat, so you could have three or four screens arranged across your lap and in front of your face. It doesn't stop with letting passengers stare at screens, either. Flight attendants would have more control to alter lighting levels inside the cabin to signal to the body clocks of the drunk men that it's time to go to sleep, an option that's combined with dimmable windows like on that episode of Grand Designs to control fliers even more.

They're clearly exaggerating the leg room options in the above promotional image, although there should be more room for bags and feet in the cheap seats thanks to centralising the power distribution and removing the need for wiring boxes under each chair.

If any carrier takes it up on the option, BAE reckons some flights could be equipped with the top-down lights and fun system by next year. [YouTube]