Brazil Now Brings World Cup Stat-Tracking to the Xbox One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft has lined up a big summer in which the Xbox One can prove its entertainment credentials to UK gamers. Alongside the launch of the OneGuide Kinect-powered EPG, it's looking to heavily capitalise upon World Cup fever with the Brazil Now app.

Developed by Soho Studios, it's a dedicated snap app that can sit alongside whatever else you may be doing on the console, pulling in real-time information from Bing on the current news and stats direct from the tournament.

Sitting on the right-hand side of the screen, it provides stats on individual players and on-the-pitch action such as possession, cards and shots on goal. Fixture and table standing details are also listed, all being updated in real-time to keep it relevant as the games and tournaments progress. Twitter feeds will also be integrated, giving you a glimpse at a social commentary of events during a game -- all profanity-checked by Bing, making it safe for young football fans to enjoy unsupervised.

The app also has full notifications support, sending those that wish to receive them goal alerts, kick-off alerts and full-time scores among other information. Kick-off alerts also act as shortcuts to the OneGuide EPG, letting you jump quickly to a game as it's beginning from whatever other activity you're currently engaged with.

Users can also select a favourite team, receiving tailored content based on their choice. Those watching a live game with the Brazil Now app open will also regularly be polled on major in-game events --"Should that goal have been disallowed?", "Is Gerrard worthy of the captain's armband?". They can then check their opinions against the rest of the Brazil Now community, rewarded with achievements and collectibles that act like a digital spin on the classic football sticker book.

Brazil Now will be paired with the Destination Brazil dashboard page, pulling in footballing content from Microsoft's partners. Here you'll find links to downloadable World Cup-themed content for FIFA 14 and Kinect Sports Rivals,  as well as shortcuts to live games linked to the OneGuide EPG.

Destination Brazil will also play host to the Every Street United show, an original footballing series exclusive to Xbox One owners. Starting in June, it will be made up of eight episodes spanning the entire summer. Alongside the show, Microsoft has also partnered with popular footballing YouTube channel Copa90, which will be providing Xbox One owners with fan-orientated videos direct from Rio, giving a taste of what it's like to be part of the samba spirit surrounding the tournament outside of the games themselves.

Though no precise kick-off date for Brazil Now or Destination Brazil has been given, Microsoft's reps have stated that both should be ready by "early June". With the World Cup starting on June 12th, it'd be safe to imagine both will be sitting on Xbox One dashboards before then. All of this World Cup content will be free too, and won't sit behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall.